Model 12k /30

$26 550.00
In stock
Product Details
STANDARD FEATURES: Included in base price
Travalign: 12,000 lbs alignment lift
Hands-free controls: Incuded
Code access entry: Included
Power management electrical box: custom mobiklift design,yes
Inclinometers (two): Included

This model is designed for the 12,000 Lbs alignment scissor lifts,It replaces the model 6k/20 &10k/24 which were light duty.

This model can lift any vehicle up to 12,000lbs in weight .

It also allows for transmission rollouts, exhaust work,axle changes & all under vehicle work.

The base cost of this unit is equivalent to the cost of the model 6-7 k 20 units so this is an upgrade for our customers

Model number indicates maximum lift, load rating & unit length

Click on check boxes to choose lift options to add to the base trailer

Click on checkout to view shipping costs and net cost for your customized unit.

Additional standard features include,

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Safety labels
  • users manuals
  • Please allow 4 weeks for product assembly/testing
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